About Jon

jonlynch2Jon Lynch is the CEO and Chief Collaboration Officer of K.K. Tsunago in Japan.  Jon has spent his entire career helping people and organizations collaborate better through intercultural training and consulting in Japan for over 25 years.  His efforts have seen him support hundreds of global companies to improve their business strategy and communication across cultures.  During his career Jon Lynch also spent 10 years in Japan managing a marketing and media company where he organized tie-ups for fashion and consumer brands with music artists and events.  This resulted in him working for the last five years of that campaign in marketing consulting, helping organizations collaborate together via partnership marketing and membership programs to help optimize their internal sales and marketing collaboration.  Recently, Jon has been giving talks and seminars codifying principles and best practices for all kinds of business collaboration, leading up to March 2015 when he will open up the J-Global Institute in Tokyo, Japan to provide training, services and research helping organizations improve their collaboration and business results.

K.K. Tsunago

With K.K. Tsunago in Japan, Jon Lynch runs consulting for the company, helping organizations improve their global communication with colleagues, partners, vendors and clients by optimizing their collaboration ecosystem.  Jon’s expertise applies towards planning to get sales, marketing, and operations collaborating more effectively to achieve targets, as an example.  Another example would be facilitation of workshops to optimize business processes to save money and time and increase revenues for their clients.  Among other services K.K. Tsunago provides is improving existing situations and planning strategy and operations in advance for new initiatives.  Jon Lynch in Japan and K.K. Tsunago  are the perfect supplement to the upcoming business school, the J-Global Institute, that arrives in March of 2015.

J-Global Institute

J-Global Institute’s mission is to help improve Japan’s global business performance, by training, consulting and researching about global collaboration. Jon Lynch and the school will train Japanese how to better share their business practices globally, and succeed in foreign capital companies, and train foreigners to succeed better in the Japan market and lead more effectively within Japanese companies. They are pulling together leading experts in each aspect of the collaboration ecosystem, such as how to use IT, develop leadership, do effective M&A or roll out strategy.  For more on the upcoming business school J-Global Institute click the link below.

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